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back2front is a zine which focuses on radical music and radical politics and generally features bands from the anarcho-punk/DiY community, but not exclusively, as well as interviews with anarchists and political agitators and in-depth essays on social justice issues and campaign news. Previous issues have featured Millions of Dead Cops, Steve Ignorant, Oi Polloi, Chumbawamba, Subhumans, Lost Cherrees, Conflict, Flux of Pink Indians, The Ex, Propagandhi and others as well as the likes of Noam Chomsky, Peter Singer, Penny Rimbaud and Ian Bone. There is also an extensive review section in each issue. We are interested in bands and individuals who do something more than producing product for passive consumption! Send your stuff in for review but be warned our reviewers have over 75 years experience of the punk scene collectively so expect honest opinions. You won't be reading the word 'awesome' every other review! While our policy is to review everything sent in we do not tend to like pop punk, metal and major label junk. If you are a label or a regular contributer we will send a copy of the relevant issues to you. If you're sending stuff one-off you will receive an electronic copy of the zine. Postage costs are high nowadays. back2front is 100% DiY non-profit and is published by Front Cover Productions (Est. 1987)

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