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Voices N Vomit! (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-07

Voices N Vomit! is a zine out of the buffalo new york area begun by britt and i (kylee). we do band interviews/articles/cd reviews/anything we can to help spread the word about bands taking part in the scene. we also have a section called 'submit yer shit' for the people, who submit things to us to display, such as recipes, artwork, comics, writings, pictures, poetry, movies! anything the people want to submit! we also write about things that we think that actually matter. we list shows and advertise for anyone, printing areas, other zines, punk promotion stuff, everything. we also book shows and bring news of interesting movie screenings. weve worked with bands all they way from ireland to germany and back to the states and have brought the GITS movie screening to the buffalo area. and yeah blah blah blah yeah whatever. let me know if your interested!

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