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Two Seconds Notice (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-18

Two Seconds Notice is a perzine made by me usually at the same time interspersed with politics, literature (poetry/prose), art (doodles/drawings) and op-eds, as well as the run-of-the-mill personal musings/reflections/ramblings one encounters in a standard perzine. Currently in its 2nd issue, there is no standard format, even though the previous 2 issues have been 1/2-sized -- there might be plans to make a 1/4 or even a letter-sized zine in the future, who knows? Frequency between each issue is very erratic as it depends on my mood(s) and schedule; an issue is usually made at one go instead of over long periods of time due to sudden inexplicable surges in inspiration that creep up unknowingly at any time of the year. Trades are very welcome! At the moment #001 is out of print, but #002 includes some personal snippets from my paper journal, mainly dealing with the struggles growing up in a stifling society, repression, and catharsis; an interview with screamo favourites RAEIN; a few contributions from friends, issues include: the plight of migrant workers, writing for a self-published zine vs. writing for a corporate-owned magazine, etc; a short story, a poem and then some.

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