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The Darker Side Magazine (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-05-20

We are based out of New Jersey and are a new print and online magazine. Our target market audience is those described as the sub or alternative culture. Think of our magazine as a darker version of People. People brings all aspects of pop culture into one publication and we intend to bring all aspects of the alternative culture into one publication. We will also be conducting contests and having special features on varying topics as well as interviews. We will be covering all things relating to horror, sci-fi and fantasy as well as the musical genres associated with the typical audience to those topics (heavy metal, rock, punk, hardcore, etc.). Our publication is going to be 50-pages (front and back) and professionally printed. We will be a monthly magazine offering single issue sales as well as subscriptions. Where other magazines cater to a specific group of people we will strive to service them all. Our premiere issue will be debuting at MonsterMania in August which is a major horror convention in the Philadelphia-New Jersey area which caters to 1,000's of guests in a single weekend. We will be securing a vendor location at this event (and subsequent events here and at other conventions). This magazine has a comic book built right inside as well as a centerfold in the classic style (suggestive but no nudity). The costume and make-up for our centerfold model will tie in with the key theme or feature of that issue. The website will also be used to promote the site, our advertisers and our magazine by offering free content and an easy way to subscribe. We are currently accepting content to review and/or feature in our magazine. We also still have plenty of great ad space available for those who are interested in additional advertising for their business and/or musical talents. For further details on ad pricing or submitting content to our magazine, please contact us at the provided e-mail address.

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