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Spearhead (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-03-31

Spearhead is a new zine coming up from the ashes of Free Minds, which documented the Columbus heavy music underground. Spearhead picks up where Free Minds left off, and is focused on doom/sludge/stoner/experimental/crust/hardcore/death/black/weird/awesome music from the midwest, Ohio in particular. Features show photos, interviews, reviews, comics, and politix. We do accept submissions from all over, but please note that our distro is limited to Ohio and the surrounding states. We are ad-supported and welcome ads from labels, bands on tour, DIY businesses (screenprinters, co-ops, etc.) and tattoo shops. Please email us for details on ad pricing. Submission deadlines are: Oct. 1st (Winter); Jan. 1st (Spring); April 1st (Summer); July 1st (Fall).

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