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Scene Not Herd (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-25

D.I.Y. punk rock fanzine born and raised from the mean streets of Southwest Washington. Each zine has band interviews, columns, a Top 10 list, tons of record reviews, a FREE 27 band CD-R compilation, and lots more. Issue #1 is out of print and featured interviews with the McRackins, Parkway Wretch, The Hickmans, and The Trashies. Issue #2 is also now out of print. It featured interviews with Dan Schafer of The Methadones, Streetside Prophet, Gruesome Boys, and Chad Riley(the organizer of the Lance Hahn benefit comp. and singer/guitarist of Non Radio Friendly). Issue #3 will be out in the Spring of 2008 and will have interviews with In The Red, Andrew Jackson Jihad, 48 Thrills, and Broadway Calls.

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