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Junkyard (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-08-20

Junkyard magazine is new and looking for stuff to review and bands to interview, this is just a short list of the styles of music we are looking for.Beatless experimental free improvisation found sound noise harsh electro ritual surreal industrial doom prog punk rock japanoise neo-folk apocolyptic dark wave ambient noisecore pop analogue digital bass sludge drone leftfield lo-fi minimal chipcore mixed-media alternative death'n'roll infernal psychedelia mutant hardcore dark hop avantgarde brutal freejazz down tempo black metal grind thrash zombiepopcore satanic new wave hardjazz porncore... Basicly any kind of music which is good, does not suck and comes from a strictly D.I.Y background... please get in touch if you are in a band and want a review or feature, always looking for new and interesting stuff....

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