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Izu Giroa (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-29

Izu Giroa (Climate of fear): Punk and hardcore fanzine, written in basque. We have released 9 issues: # 5 in january '04: interviews with Buzzcocks, The Briefs, Se?or No, Fun People/Boom Boom Kid, Force of Change, Des-Kontrol, reports about Iggy and the Stooges, RIP, Powder Monkeys, Anal Babes, gigs and record reviews and so on; # 6 in may '04; interviews with Poison Idea, Bap, Riot/Clone, Voetsek, Rubber City Rebels, Brigada Criminal, Real McKenzies, Torazinas, Star Losers, tons of reviews... # 7 in december '04: huge photo report (10 pages) with unreleased pictures of hardcore bands that came to the Basque Country in the 80's (Scream, Lärm, Rhythm Pigs, Toxic Reasons, BGK, Negazione, Pandemonium, KGB...) commented by Javi Destruye (editor of Destruye! 'zine, first punk zine from the basque Country in early 80's), interviews with Spermbirds, Nicky Garratt (UK Subs - New Red Archives), No, Nitwitz, Trespass, Hell To Pay, report about new punk bands in Barakaldo town and tons of reviews. Izu Giroa # 8, june '05: dossier about horrorpunk (Misfits' biography, Balzac, Fiendforce Records, "Horror covers"), Italian hardcore 81-86 (Negazione, Wretched, Raw Power, Kina...), interviews with Agnostic Front, One Way System, Motorsex, Strike First, los Dryheavers, Lendakaris Muertos, J.A.N., second part of the report about punk in Barakaldo town and tons of reviews. NEW!: Izu Giroa # 9, released january '06: interviews with The Stooges (exclusive stuff!), Johnny Casino's Easy Action, The Accüsed, Vulpess, The Rippers, Bottlejob, reports about Active Minds and Conflict and tons of reviews.

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