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# 1 (fall 2006): interview with Zimbabwe, Total Mess, Cyrroz MK; columns: McMurder, TV Piquetera, and other... # 2(split with "SQUAT UA" another zine from Zhytomyr) (winter 2007): interview with Apple Shout, Spunky Yank; columns: luddites, food not bombs in Zhytomyr, Squat DeCentrum, and other... # 3 (3 way split with "SUCK OUT" & "SQUAT UA" - zines from Zhytomyr) (summer 2007): interviews with Hero Dishonest, When My Authorities Fall, Thema Eleven, Kalashnikov, Vialka; reviews of scene in Zhytomyr and Ukrainian mini-tour Spunky Yank & Keep On Fighting; diy-contacts in Ukraine; and other... # 4 (winter 2008): interviews with Nichego Horoshego (RU), When The Weather Fix Up (UA), Vzryvaya Granicy (RU), Kisses & Hugs label (UA), Tryznas Kefiras zine (BY), 119 u.e. (KZ); reports from Ukrainian hc-tour Question, No Borders Camp 2007 in Ukraine and other...


x licemer x (Posted 2008-01-07 07:11:54)

great zine from ukraine!!!

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