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Darcy says: "This zine is a collection of my sex stories. I wrote about the men that fucked me and the men I've fucked, and one about a woman as well. There's my fuckbuddy Josh, my one night stand with this homeless kid, fucked in the ass by my boss from the bar I used to work at, the virgin I fucked, psychotic friends that I fucked around, sex with this punk backstage, and Wes, accidentally my hubby for a few days in Vegas. This zine is to memorize my sexually aroused youth, which is a past. I wanted to dedicate this zine to all the people I've had sex with. It's got some sad part coz I had sad friends; it's got adventures coz I was kinda crazy. FREE in PDF; write me and I'll send you the file. If you want me to destroy some trees for a printed copy, then it's $3 to cover all the condoms that I ever had to buy. Please send cash so I don't have to interact with the banks.


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