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Born 20 Years Too Late (zine) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

born 20 years too late # 5 december 2005 this zine covers crust/real hardcore/" uk82 ", " d- beat / discore " ,and anarcho punk... with lots of interviews,rants and reviews!36 pages of DIY cut n paste style photocopied old school style punk rock fanzine.with reviews and interviews,and interviews with: EFFIGY(japan crust),ALTERNATE SYSTEM(usa anarcho punk),CTHWULF(usa noisepunk),HOTBILD(sweden crust),THE PARTISANS(uk punk legends),and ONSLAUGHT(uk crust/metal legends reformed). availlable from me and a bunch of distros world wide. 1$ + postage:(good deal seeing as how it costs about 1.50$ to just photocopy one issue!,plus the postage!) Canada = 1.50$ USA = 2$ Wold = 3$ interested in trades for other zines,and records. will do advertising in next issue as trade also. theamebix (at) yahoo (dot) com issue#1gbh,raw power,audiokollaps,broken bones,misery issue#2legion,selfish,dissystema,asta kask issue#3amebix,driller killer,partisans,cluster bomb unit,laukaus issue#4disclose,vimminien kollona,massgrav,besthoven,avskum

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