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Punks & Skins Magazine (website) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-12

An online Magazine that supports all types of Punk Music(any style,any language),Oi!,Ska,Rockabilly,Psychobilly,Surf,Acoustic Punk influenced music & more,bands,Record Labels & distros get in touch.We do interviews,reviews,give promotion & support of all kinds,we support mostly the Underground movements,but we also support well known Punk bands as well.We also support the Skinhead movement,we help out people that create fanzines,books & anyone making a difference out there for the love of Punk Music & for what it stands for as a way of life,promoters get in touch to hook you guys up with amazing bands,we also help out other ways of life too.If you or your band have a Myspace page add us & start spreading the word about us & what we do,anyone can contact us,cheers.

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