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Arm The Pit does not mean bringing guns into a mosh pit. Arm the Pit is a "play on words" which means two things. 1. Underground Music; it's artists, it's labels, the small time promoter who sets up shows in basements, VFW halls, abandoned warehouses and in their backyard, etc. As well as the countless number of kids out there, with unintentionally bad haircuts who desperately seeks either a change in the status quo of music in general or just wants to have fun. Kids who still rock out with their guitars in hand and dreams of making the songs in their heads heard. Arm The Pit also offers an open door opportunity to all the fanzine writers still out there as well as the number of kids, who may not be into playing music or writing about music but doodle on a sketch pad and have high hopes that someday, their artwork will be seen and admired by others. 2. Arm The Pit also cares about the kids! With every single product we produce, from the t-shirts and buttons to the compilation CD's and albums we put out through Tone-Arm Records (Arm The Pit's subsidiary label) we donate 20% of the revenue collected towards a designated children's charity (i.e. Alex's Lemonade Stand, PedAids & the National Deaf Children's Society). About our website: Our website acts as a database for the bands who have signed up to become part of our extended family. The site itself is very similar to a rolodex. All bands, labels, etc. are listed in alphabetical order and we offer a search engine built based on state/county/and by band name to make it easier for our visitors to find a band in their area or band to find another band to contact about helping them book a show in their town. A lot like Please feel free to browse through the bands who have signed up and take a listen. Chances are you might hear something you like. Note: On the bands profiles, "X" marks the spot meaning that is a link to either their website, myspace or whatever... We don't have a big spending budget or a fancey website but we do this cause we love music and we care. Thank You,

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