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S.O.A.z Show (radio) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-12-06

Well if you are a Self Owned Artist, (independant, S.O.A.) then we are the radio show that will play your music. With the S.O.A.z Show going in a new direction in 2009, our format will have many differant genres of music on differant nights. So anyone's music can be played if it sounds good enough for radio. We are an adult rated show. We have a new D.J. added to our line up in 2009 our Rock D.J. will be added to the line up he's from Reading, Pa. Of Course he decides if the quality of the music is up to par in that genre. Revelations is our Weather Girl. Singutter will be back live from Sluggerville Studio 7 as well as every thursday night, the show is live from any remote location the traveling man, Kwin MD is coming from. Our Co Hosts include Va'Les, Big Mama, Revelations, and all callers from now until this limited time offer is expired, have a chance to win up to $2,050 in prizes. Callers must first go visit the website for the new sneakers Rampage is coming out with in 2009~ Rampage is the CEO of Deep Freeze Radio Of Course it's Rampage who is putting $ 2,000 in one of these lucky winner's shoe boxes.... Randomly, one of our lucky winners will recieve a pair of sneakers with One Grand stuffed in Each shoe. These shoes are of $50 value. All you gotta do is be the lucky caller to the show, 347 838 8629 and make sure you have already visited the page that the sneakers is on: To pick out the style of sneaks you like best.... 1

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