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Equalizing-X-Distort (radio) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-04-13

EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT MONTHLY is a weekly radio show heard on CIUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 10:00pm �til midnight (Participants: D'Arcy Rix-Hayes, Stephe Perry, Ed Pyves, and Rob Ferraz). The show dedicates itself to the underground hardcore punk scene. There is a particular emphasis on international releases in the developing thrash, power violence, straight edge, retro punk, garage, Killed By Death, the crust, and oi scenes, which means we play material like Total Trash, Backslider, Poison Planet, Fucked up, Dean Dirg, Amsterdamned, Heratys, and the Business. There is a weekly demo feature, weekly show listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look at new releases.

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