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thee killing floor is a diy venue in the foothills of nc. we don't cater to any particular genre and are open to everything from folk to noise, from turntablism to hardcore, metal, doom, punk, and any variation thereof. we also host shows featuring performances/art that would not be "acceptable" in a public setting. use your imagination. for this reason we are a borderline private establishment. everyone is welcome but the exact address will not be posted publicly. just mail me and i'll provide everything that you need. all that we ask is that you don't bring hard drugs into the building, drink more than you can handle without acting like an asshole, trash our home, steal our shit, bully anyone, or think that your crew is going to come in and fuck shit up. i assure you that the odds will not be in your favor. we have had a good thing here for years and have hosted more than a few international acts. the "no assholes" rule is what has helped us stay open in a suburban area. lastly, we don not persecute thoughtcrimes. all ideals have a place here. even if we don't like them. we really don't care what you think or preach as long as you're respectful of other patrons. lodging is available but is a large wooden floor. bring sleeping bags. food may be offered, it depends on how broke we are, how far you've traveled, and how nice you are. any dietary restrictions need to be specified 24 hours ahead of time. mark


clifford mash (Posted 2009-09-16 07:37:02)

this guy is my hero.

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