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joplin, missouri house shows (southwest corner of missouri, right by kansas, oklahoma, and arkansas)carpeted basement w/ stage(10ft by 20ft waste high) and nice system, some lights, easy load-in. turnouts are usually light, usually at least 10-20 people. shows must end by 10pm cuz the area is residential. 100s of bands have played here. they're archived on my notes. i put all shows on youtube - - screaming bands, instrumental, or anything underground, seriously silly and evil. shows are free so i can't afford to give much gas $, but you can pass a hat around. also hotmeals and sleep provided. my preferred contact is thru email, facebook, or youtube


Hot Karl (Posted 2010-09-16 10:28:46)

CESSPOOL KILLS!!! In the best of ways of course! Seriously, Gene takes good care of the bands that he hosts, and the shows are always killer. Keep rockin man!

Foreign Theaters (Posted 2010-05-12 11:10:00)

We love the Cesspool. We have to play the Cesspool every time we tour. Gene can make anyone feel like they are a part of his family..

Shawn Histories (Posted 2006-06-05 12:40:38)

Gene is the SHIT! And so is the Cesspool. You really want to play here. It is a fucking blast!

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