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bruce manor (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-29

bruce manor is a big green house. it's our bedroom/livingroom/kitchen/basement. also: it's a diy performance space in athens, oh. we host bands of every ilk with a sadistic bent for hospitality: places to sleep, things to eat, an room full of good people to play for. most of our shows are donation based, b.y.o.mimosas sorts of affairs. but, really, we're pretty damn flexible. looking for bands of all varieties. past shows include performances by: balloon people, beard of the see, bobb hatt attack!, the caboladies, car horn memorial orchestra, dust from 100 years, robinson lee earle, five deadly venoms, josh goldberg, sam goldberg, golden ghost, michael hurley, kid panda hands, mv/ee with the golden road, mr. leg, nostra nova, nyodene d, peter & the wolf, the sad bastards, the sawhorse quartet, silo circuit, spooktober, submarine spaceship, viking moses!, lawrence edward watson's giant jug band


NL (Posted 2008-11-12 07:18:38)

hooray for Athens! it's about time this musical town had some house shows.

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