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*******Booking Instructions - email us with a date in the subject and a brief description of the band/act and dates requested in the body. keep in mind we're doing two shows a month at each of the below mentioned venues and on mondays and tuesdays, unless we reeaaaaallly think we can get a big show together, the best we can do is getting you a featured set at a cool open mic where we hope you stir things up a, see the description of us below... we're a collective of writing, blogging, audio-engineering, songwring, stenciling, musician, painting, badasses who can help book touring, regional, and local bands of many kinds at the wildflower cafe(all ages), the funhouse(21+), and the burners(all ages)as well as house shows, basements, pot lucks, what the fucks. some venues require a month or two, some could be a day or two notice... at very least we can hang out and make some good soup or something. we do a physical zine too. this is all new but it's awesome! -- -- -- -- --

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