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Vehement Booking Agency is happy to announce that we are booking ALL varieties of music now. We are booking two, sometimes three venues in Vermillion, SD, a college town 1 hour south of Sioux Falls. We also work with a few other venues in Southeast South Dakota so if you are coming through, please feel free to contact us. We've worked with such acts as: Fishbone, mewithoutYou, Oh My God, Mad Happy, Traindodge(ascetic records), Qui(ipecac records), The Actual(soft drive records), Kidcrash(init records), Brickhouse Boys, Fishbone(Nuttsactor5 Records), The Kickback(Nuttsactor5 Records), Junior Varsity, Fire When Ready, Self Evident(blue worm), Casanatra(blue worm), Max and the Marginalized, One For The Team(The Militia Group), Now Now Every Children(Afternoon Records), Kinch, Darla Farmer, Riddle of Steel(ascetic records), Dropsonic(ascetic records) and countless others.


dude (Posted 2009-11-08 22:21:47)

the music you book sucks

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