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This Is Not Revolution Rock (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-07

We mainly book bands who we feel really passionate about but we are always open to offers and requests. We operate mainly in Kingston (at The Fighting Cocks and The Peel) but have made ventures into promoting in London (at Lark In The Park and The Metro Club). We try our best to look after bands, usually with a hot meal / snacks / soft drinks at the venue, and there is usually room to crash at my place after the gig - I have a few mattresses and everyone usually manages to fit in. Bands we've worked with, in alphabetical order, are: (No Hope) Astronaut, //tapetheradio//, 4 Or 5 Magicians, Ageseat, Airhammer, Ally Craig, AndNoStar, And So I Watch You From Afar, Ben Marwood, Borrow The World, Broadway's Not Ready, Cato Street Conspiracy, Cats And Cats And Cats, The City On Film, Colour, Dartz!, Dave House, Deny Everything (DEU), Dive Dive, Don Ramos Players, Encyclopedia, Esther Yoxall, Far Away Tree, The Fez, Fighting With Wire, Foals, Frank Turner, Gavin Osborn, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Gin Panic, Hearts Under Fire, Home From Home, House Of Brothers, Ian Love, Ichi The Killer, Jairus, Jonah Matranga, Kat Flint, Kill Kill Disconnect, Kiss Or Kill, Linda's Nephew, Lonely Ghosts, Look I'm A Ghost, Lovvers, Marvins Revolt, Mea Culpa, Meet Me In St Louis, Mercury Tilt Switch,, Oceansize, One Toy Soldier, Owen, Paul Marshall, The Pluto, Public Relations Exercise, Raymond Detritus, Red! Nice Guy?, The Receptionist Movement, The Remarkable Rocket, Richard Walters, SH Davidson, Sam Isaac, Score One For Safety, Secondsmile, Sherka, Short Term Effect, (Simply) Luke Leighfield, Sucioperro, Tanaou, Target, Tellison, Tempercalm, Tired Irie, This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord, The Tumbledown Estate, The Waiting Game, WinterKids, Wolf Alexander, The Wonderfuls & Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies. email: thisisnotrevolutionrock[at]gmail[dot]com for more info, to pester us for a gig, or to send us free stuff. we like free stuff.

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