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I recently re-located to San Francisco and currently am not taking on new bands. If we have worked together in the past feel free to get in touch, but for now I'm trying to focus my energy on The Political Party as a label. Let me state that again. I AM NOT DOING SHOWS CURRENTLY. My focus is on the label and writing at this point. when i do shows.. i flyer, book similar locals, try my best to keep it all ages, and give lots of high fives. I book shows because I don't know how not to book shows. I've been at it for over 5 years and make sure bands have gas money and a place to stay. I do it cuz it's fun and you should too! Some of the bands I've worked with are The Soviettes, Bomb the Music Industry, The Valley Arena, Scouts Honor, Nothington, O' Pioneers, Latterman, Defiance Ohio, Saw Wheel, Gaslight Anthem, The Arrivals, Off With Their Heads, The Swellers, Teenage Bottlerocket, We Versus The Shark, The Fad, Sex Advice, Shinobu, The Pharmacy, Anathallo etc etc .... If you like fun, comic books, DIY stuff, politics or pizza drop me a line. I listen to everything that people send. check out the myspace for more info on what i do. I DO NOT do LAST MINUTE SHOWS. Most of my shows are booked 2 MONTHS in advance.

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