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The Darkroom (est. 2003) is Baton Rouge, Louisiana's first and only full-time all-ages venue. We offer multiple events each week featuring both local and national touring bands and performers. We provide a safe, music-centered environment that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. We have a strict no drugs / no alcohol policy that IS enforced. The Darkroom works with artists from various genres of music (ie: indie rock, emo, hardcore, metal, alternative, ska, punk, etc). If you have any questions or comments about the venue or any event feel free to give us a call. Parents are welcome to come in and check out the facilities as well! Hope to see you at the shows! R U L E S: NO outside beverages allowed inside venue NO jerks/bad attitudes NO drugs or alcohol permitted on premises NO smoking allowed inside the venue The Darkroom also employs a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on fighting. You throw, you go! Keep it posi! BOOKING POLICY We ask that you contact us via email ( ) giving us as much information about the band or bands you're trying to book. Be sure to include the following... Band name: Band's hometown: Genre of music: Record label [if any]: Date(s) you need: Myspace/Website: Other info: For touring bands and new local bands that are unknown to our area we ask that you try and hook up with two or three local bands similar in genre that would like to share the show with you. Make sure that they will be able to promote the show wholeheartedly to make it a success for both your band and the venue. We do NOT give guarantees to bands that are unknown to the area. We are a small business owned and operated by a group of family and friends. We are NOT a corporate venue and we do NOT have a bar to support the club as we want to continue to do all-ages shows which we cannot do if we install a bar. Unknown touring bands as well as locals usually recieve payment in accordance with how well the show does. The more promotion done by everyone involved with the show will help to make for a great show for everyone. The venue promotes each show we do equally, however we can't always get in touch with YOUR fans as you are the ones who know them best. So be sure to reach out to them and make sure they all know about the show! for more in depth version of our policies please see:


Ashley (Posted 2007-04-04 13:45:14)

Great to work with!

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