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The Brick House is a DIY center dedicated to encouraging self-reliance and working together. Encouraging musical creativity and expression is a big part of what we're about. We currently have a small space (c. 25'x45') that we use as a performance venue for all-ages concerts and other events. Please bear in mind that we are a struggling non-profit run by volunteers (and a few elves). We don't have a house sound system, and the heating and air are limited. Loud concerts should be over by 10 pm to comply with the noise ordinance and keep our neighbors happy.


lily liver (Posted 2010-03-19 04:59:26)

Once upon a time we all loved the Brycc House. Now, the people who run the new Brick House are missing their calling in marketing. They're quite talented at convincing people they run a legitimate community center and a functional venue, but it's a big fucking joke:

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