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The Bixby House (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-05-14

hey! If you are a DIYish Punk, Pop-Punk, Crust, Thrash, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Late 90's Screamo, Indie Electro whatever, etc, etc, etc band on tour we may be able to help you with a show in our living room. Shows would start around 7 and need to end around 10. We try to only have one to two shows a month. Important things to know. 1) there will be no money exchanged to play the show on any level 2) you will be responsible to promote the show. We will get local bands to play with you but there is very little chance we will be putting up fliers. 3) if you steal from us we will put so many holes in you that you will sound like a whistle every time the wind blows. 4) this should be a given but any band with racist, sexist, or homophobic values is not welcome. Anyway, hit us up. peace.

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