Book Your Own Fuckin' Life

The Bastard Squad Collective (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-05-31

We book bands to play in Bristol (south-west England), with a view to all styles but centred on anarcho-punk/crust/ska-core/d-beat. All of our gigs are fundraisers for anarchist projects, ecological defence or anti-capitalist struggle, however if you're a touring band don't let that put you off - a quick run down the list of acts we've put on will show that we can usually afford to pay travelling bands fairly while still benefiting good causes. We provide vegan food, sleeping places and can sometimes do backline. We use a variety of venues, including local pubs, clubs and squats. We are 100% DIY non-profit. Check the website for more information. A//E

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