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We've done thirty shows in the past including shows with bands I Hate Sally*, RAMMER*, Burn To Black*, Fake Problems**, Endast*, Tugnut*, Youthinasia*, The Flatliners*, FuckTheFacks*, Battlecat, Disgust*, Man With Target*, The Rebel Spell, Blind Leads Nakid***, Punch Drunk, Lions, The Black Donnellys, Our Lady of Bloodshed, Pardon my Goat**, Cursed, and locals; 69 bsd, About To Snap(RIP), C.A.-13, Dylbos And Puppets (Hell Spawn Warhammers Of The Nordic Winds)(RIP), End Credits, Jack Spanner, SARNIA, Stike First, Shantymosh(RIP) (Sarnia local scene is what makes our shows unique. There have been occasions where local bands have headlines for succesful out of towners. There is a strong DIY community, and we try to keep our shows as DIY/DIO as possible. We rent out town halls/community centers for our shows and run them though ourselves and our friends/volunteers. We have had shows at The Trinity Lounge, which is a bar, but only as a last resort.) Get in touch with me. *Have done multiple shows with band ** Band from U.S. *** Band from U.S. that have done multiple shows


Cheyne McCormick (Posted 2007-11-13 19:52:34)

hey. i have a rock band in london, ontario and we are looking for some help with shows, promotion, etc. you can hear a few of our songs at thanks for your time. i really appreciate it.

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