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Sugar City exists to organize alternative community arts and cultural events in the Buffalo area. Our goal is to share and create art based on participatory culture and a do-it-together attitude. Events and initiatives include, but are not limited to music, films, poetry readings, a zine library, meeting space, local craft corner, art gallery, workshops, and workspaces. We want to break down the barriers of what is and isn’t “art” because in some way everyone is an artist. Sugar City is about sharing creativity and energy. This organization focuses itself on the exhibition, performance, and creation of art for those who cannot obtain space from traditional sources. We welcome people to utilize our space for a small donation. We suggested a fee of $50 per week for our gallery space, $50 or 25% of total revenue for music events, and $10 an hour for other programming such as lectures, workshops, meetings and etc. All rates are open to discussion and non-monetary donations are accepted. If interested in performing or presenting at Sugar City please email us at with a short description of what you have planned along with potential dates. Facility: 560 sq storefront gallery space and zine library. 650 sq space with 6 x 8 ft screen and projector, PA system (Europower PMX300 Behringer powered stereo mixer 800 watts (2X400) 8 Channels with RCA input and output. 2 YAMAHA BR15 speakers) THERE IS NO PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED SOUND TECHNICIAN. WE WILL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER. At least one Sugar Citizen will be on the premises at all times to oversee and assist events. Most events start at 6:30pm. All events must end by 10pm. All events are all-ages, non-smoking and alcohol free.

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