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Hello fuckers, My shitbag friends and i have been booking shows for the past 8 years(without myspace fuck you very much!!!)(i have finally broke down and got a myspace account,i still dont like that trashy fuck rupert murdoch,its just that 2 good freinds of mine mortgaged their houses to open a club and i was forced into it) and have worked with high on fire,uk subs,so fuckin what,sluck,murder junkies,costes,atp,mastodon,the vibrators,total chaos,american distress,piss shit fuck,new mexicandisastersquad,the cunt fucks the unseen,honky,joebuckyourself,zoroaster,antiseen,wizzardz,weedeater,pmfs,kylesa orange goblin,rwake,the low budgets,the virus, lower class brats,pipedown,kalibas,the mentors,mathematicians,floor,dove,speedealer,hightower,27,disrythmia, wayne the train hancock, and about 500 other bands you havent heard of.We like grindcore,rhodhesean brack metar, noise,experimental,tradcountry,stonerdoom,rockabilly,black metal, street punk,and cool and strange music.We abhor emo,mainsream,nu metal,and indieshoegazershite.At this point in our history we book at 2 bars,1 record store and a house.we are nice guys but have zero tolerance for bands that destroy our gear and disrespect our venues.if you show your ass we will kick yours.if we cant get you a gig we can probably give you some advice on who to look up for gigs in the region.usually shows are a no guarentee situation,but if we know who you are, we can do reasonable guarentees.We would appreciate a cd/cdr/dvd/of yours for consideration,or at least have a link in yr email.I aint tracking your ass down on the internet!! i also expect posters/flyers to be sent to me 4 weeks prior to event.Please include,an address,email, a phone# and where you are from.packages with tentacle porn,chinese stars,and gg videos are given highest priority.GODDAMNIHATEYOURFUCKINBAND!Oh yeah, no fuckinrockstars!! be warned that most of the n.c. listings are nonexistant bullshitters,the dead kings and static age records are as real as it gets.Shiloh is real too,they stenciled their name on the side of the biker bar i used to book at.what a dick move!! it really pissed off the owner,it caused me a lot of grief.Grief,now thats a hell of a band,i wish Grief would come play here.i wish cotten was a monkey, wish my lawn was emo,so it would cut itself.amen.

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