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John McIntyre is a playoff tested veteran. At the age of 13, John started booking DIY shows in the central Massachusetts area. A decade later, McIntyre has booked hundreds of shows across New England, and averaged four to five shows per month when he was under the Weakerthans-inspired rubric Retired Explorer. Recognized for his diverse bills and relentless promotion, Johnny Mac has become a mainstay within the New England music community, and a “go-to-guy” for young and aspiring bands looking to break out of their local scenes. John has booked shows for everyone from Ed Gein to Boston's hometown hero's Piebald and every single band in between.  McIntyre has enjoyed success and dealt with failure with equal humility and determination, keeping the spirit of punk rock at the center of his heart. John’s greatest desire is to help book the best shows possible for musicians and artists based solely for his love of the art.  In March of 2009 John joined forces with Sidehatch Entertainment to expand the booking and promotion division. 

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