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We book at several venues around town and specialize in helping out touring bands. We also run a DIY indie music festival twice a year, in March and September, called Neon Reverb. You can check it out at or I also do the posters, show flyers, and web adverts, as well as send out press packs to the local media. I am not a promoter, but rather a facilitator for bands trying to make it on the road. My interest is not the money (I usually work for free), but rather I like to bring bands to town that might not stop here. BOOKING: If you are on tour and just want to get a show in Vegas, you can email me at, or find me on myspace at I also work with my partner, who is MetaMeta Productions here in Vegas, so chances are if you are the type of music we book, we can find you some sort of show. Festival Booking: We start booking the festival about 4 months ahead of time, so if you are interested in submitting your band to play, please contact us on Myspace, and have a music profile online somewhere so that we may listen to your band. We book the festival on a juried selection process, so just because you hit us up, it doesn't mean you in. we get hundreds of bands submitting themselves to us for the fest, so please be patient, have a good presentation online, and tell us why you want the exposure. We look for the best of people for this, meaning you should be good musicians, and have a great attitude and want to meet other bands, fans and the media (we get lots of them). If you are just looking for a wad of cash, you might want to skip the fetsival. It is run pretty much barely scraping by with venue costs and other considerations. We do pay out when we make money, but our goal here is to get lots of great bands to fill some great venues, and then get people out to see the bands. The first one we did had 16 bands, the next had 33, and the last one was at 100 bands in 4 days. If your band is selected to lay, you will recieve a pass to go to any show during the festival, quite a value when you have a few band members and not paying the show prices!

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