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Since 1989, ART vzw & Republyk Vort’n Vis vzw are two non-profit organisations supporting the “Do It Yourself” Counterculture & Worldwide Network. Completely run by volunteers in a non-hierarchical structure, both organisations also support Ngo’s & Action Groups working for a positive change. De Vort’n Vis (The Rotten Fish) is basically a legal Autonomous Centre / Youth Centre and a place to share ideas for a better world through music, art, workshops and conversation. While ART vzw (Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum) takes care of everything involved in running a legal Autonomous Centre (and that’s a lot!), Republyk Vort’n Vis vzw organises all sorts of activities for you to like. So, yes, we’re a DIY-venue where just about anyone can organize just about anything ranging from small gigs to people’s kitchens, benefits, presentations, workshops and what not. Feel free to get in touch but keep in mind that we’re in a transitional phase right now and we actually need your help!. At this moment we’re rebuilding at the current location: ||| If you like the idea of autonomous spaces or simply sympathise with the general idea that people can achieve great things and work for a positive change in this world if they can only find the right tools… you’re very welcome! Think globally, act locally!

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