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in the past we've put on the Splitters, the Big, Mista Mafia, Five Knuckle, 17 Stitches, Maldito, Evil Macaroni, Palehorse, 3 Stages of Pain, Scurge, Big D and the Kids Table, Kinisia, Punchbowl, Fire Apple Red, F-Minus, The Mingers, Special Move, Diction, Tyson, Eviscerate AD, Firebird, Stir Crazy, Webster, Uncle Buck, Silent Bob, Fleshies, Meenies, Cat On Form, Charlottefield, IR Tiger, Kill Yourself, This Aint Vegas, Action & Action, The Lawrence Arms, Driveway Speeding, Some Like It Hot, King Django, Pama International, Strike of 59, David Lopan, Shooting Victor Francis, Andy Glenn & Ritch, Vox Merkoni, A Is For Apple, Dan Potthast, Flying Marrows, skull disco, TV-Party, Pistol Grip, Slow Gherkin, Random Heroes, One Last Shot, Even In Blackouts, Dangerfields, J-Church, The Sainte Catherines, Hardy Street Pros... we get loads of emails everyday, plus regular demos in the post etc, so sorry if we dont write a personal explination of why we cant put on your band... just let us know who you are and what dates you need to fill... if we can help - you'll get an email from us :) we do a zine too! get in touch cheers eddie o'toole


Gnarly ted (Posted 2011-01-28 12:40:11)

Holy shit... Don't book with these dudes unless you expect to get raped. We were on our first UK tour and we got a "show" from this dude. When we showed up to the "venue" it was just and abandoned factory that had cardboard cutouts of crowd members everywhere. When we asked the guy where all the people were, he kept repeatedly offering us crumpets and pointing you his crotch when doing so. I'm not sure if he drugged us or what happened, because my whole band woke up several hours later in the bathroom of a small pub with the same dude flickering the lights off and on and rubbing his nipple... He kept asking us over and over again if we were "enjoying the show". Our bassist had chewed through the duct tape wrapped around his wrists and lurched past the guy screaming for help. This must have alerted the authorities. After several english bobbies showed up, the guy became enraged and scissor kicked on of the cops. This shit was crazy. They started beating him, and he put a cigarette out on his nipple. We left England that night, and have never been back. Scary scary shit.

action and action (Posted 2006-02-12 11:03:56)

eddie and cheryl are geni'i! ask them for a show and they will give you a night not to be reckoned with. They work hard and play harder and the pre-gig grub at eddies place is awesome!Counter Culture is a shop connected to the venue, and is well worth checking out too! Talk to them...more people should be doing this! DIY at its best!

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