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Hi, my name is Max and I've been doing booking in Athens, Ohio for five years now. A lot has changed from when I first started doing this. Two years ago Athens lost its community space, where lots of shows took place. We decided to start booking house shows and also occasionally booking at bars who support us. At the same time, a lot hasn't changed. Positive Action still promotes a positive environment. That means no homophobic, racist, classist or sexist behavior. That goes for bands and the crowd. I am also not interested in any band that promotes violence at shows. Shows should be a safe place for all types of people and I want everyone to feel welcome. I am open to booking all kinds of bands of different genres, but I WILL NOT BOOK YOUR BAND IF YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING FROM THE ABOVE LIST. I also don't book bands whose main motivation is to make money. Guarantees are totally not punk. If you are interested in setting up a show in Athens send me a message at , NO BOOKING AGENTS PLEASE


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