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DREAMSCAPES ORIGINAL MUSIC SHOWCASE (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2015-03-20

Dreamscapes Original Music Showcase For the past 8 years, I've been hosting this event on THURSDAY NIGHTS at venues in the Ocean County area. There is history behind this event and a lot of support from local music lovers and bands. THIS DOESN'T MEAN NOT TO PROMOTE THE SHOW!!! If you play a showcase, SPREAD THE WORD and help this event grow. There is NO COVER which keeps the locals coming. There is no guarantee paid to bands but a tip jar is passed around for each band and merch sales are encouraged!!! Good vibe and fan acquiring possibilities. Bands receive HALF PRICE DRINKS all night. We also film each event and promote every band as much as possible leading up to the event. Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to get a good idea of what we do and support local artists! THE RULES: All band members must be 21+ NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Bands must bring drums, amps and instruments. PA with 3 mics will be provided and engineered by Dreamscapes Music. Load in 1 hour before set start. MUSIC STYLES: All quality music will be considered for booking. 3 bands booked each show. Not highly interested in Screamcore, Hardcore, Deathmetal, Grindcore etc., but I'll check you out anyway for potential future bookings. CONNECT: #feedthelion


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