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This is one of the south bays only all age venues. We are currently booking shows for our summer concert series. The major difference between us and other venues is that we pay all our bands. weather it is your five thousandth show or your first show everyone gets a cut. We pay on a percentage scale so the more people you bring in the more you make. The venue is in Sunnyvale and has two venues in it one can fit 158 and the other can fit 500. There is a café with a children’s play place in it. The café can fit up to 294. Please send us an email with all the following info: Band Name: E-mail: Phone Number: City: State: Zipcode: Distance from Sunnyvale: Homepage: Purevolume : MySpace : Genre : If Local, What school do you attend? : How many kids can you draw in your home town?: How many kids can you draw in Sunnyvale? : Bands you've played with : Biography : Contact: Kevin Scarpello 408-687-1562

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