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We are opening our house (my wife and I) up to travelers and what not. We will also be trying to book acoustic shows at the house. We're both students so shows in the week probably can't happen during the school year, but still send us an email and I should be able to give you other contacts. I'm in a DIY punk band The No-Hawks so you can also contact me on our myspace if you want. We are all about positivity (aka don't be a fucking jerk, people who have house venues are keeping music scenes alive) and aren't completely limiting ourselves to acoustic acts, really we just need quieter acts. I don't have a PA and I'm not sure how our neighbors would like loud shows but we may try it in the future. Also we will be attempting to book all kinds of people so even if you're not a sweet folk-punk band we'll still try and help you. Bonus points if you're a spoken word poet. We don't care if you're vegan, straight-edge, eco-feminists or neo-Marxists or completely apolitical. Just don't expect us to change to accommodate you (aka if I drink a beer and that is really going to offend you that much, please save us the drama and don't stay here) and be nice. Anyways, we got a spare bed and couch and plenty of floor space, so send us a message and we'll see if we can help you.

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