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JD DOES SHOWS (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-02-08

Been booking and promoting for years. If I don't know your band, there is probably no chance of you getting a guarantee, if I do know your band, it may still be rough getting a guarantee. I usually try to make sure you come out with a little profit though and are very well taken care of. I mainly book in Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL, but can possibly help you out in other Southeastern cities. Booking Punk, Indie, Avant-Garde, Hardcore, anything goes. It just depends on if I think you're doing good and am in town or feel comfortable forwarding you to my friends. Leave your attitudes at home, no bullshit please. I've previously booked: The Pink Spiders (Geffen), JEFF (Infinity Cat), Cake Bake Betty (Infinity Cat), Dark Meat (Vice Records), Black Diamond Heavies (Alive Records), Mortal Treason (Flicker), Maylene and the Sons of Disaster (Ferret), The Jusas Cradle (Eulogy), The Warriors (Victory), Dead to Fall (Victory), Sound and Shape (Engineer Records), The Wednesdays (Thorp), and a lot of other little people along the w


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