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Hip Hop in the Hills (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-03

Para Bellum Media Group and Nine37 Productions are proud to present the first annual HIP HOP IN THE HILLS music festival, this August 19th, 2006. Featuring C-RAYZ WALZ, hosted by L.I.F.E Long, this is destined to be the definitive moment in Vermont hip hop for 2006, as we come together to celebrate our growing statewide culture with an extra long day of performances from Vermont MCs, DJs, Graff writers and Breakdancers. Starting at 11 AM and running well into the midnight, we look forward to seeing hip hop heads from across the state throwing down together on the side of a mountain. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW AT PURE POP RECORDS AND STEEZ! ALL INFO IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.VTHIPHOP.COM. Early ticket sales are needed to get this off the ground, so if its something you believe in, please show your support! We will be releasing bulletins with all new information on a regular basis, so add us to your friend list and keep in touch. We also have an information blog set up at VTHIPHOP.COM, so check it out, bookmark it, and check in for news. SEE YOU IN AUGUST! PEACE!

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