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Booking national tours for bands. Only book portland shows for bands that are a part of our roster unless you are willing to trade. If you can trade, search our website for a show we need help for in your area and let us know. Bands on our roster receive discounts in the Haywire Recording Studio. Check out the contact page on our website for any information on your band becoming a part of our roster. Want to do an internship? Email


tight bikes (Posted 2007-05-19 13:29:45)

my band tight bikes would like to play in oregon sometime around july. heres our demo for reference, please hit us up via myspace if you would like to help us out. my phone is 4779189 my email is thanks! and if at all possible please pass the demo on if at all iunterested in booking my band, please feel free to hit me up, it would be much appreciated

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