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HOUSE SHOWS! WAREHOUSE SHOWS! PARK SHOWS! VENUE SHOWS!!! We've been booking/promoting shows in Little Rock for over seven years and yet still remain a bit sane. We are currently booking between different houses and venues. Houses keep an OBO door & a BYOB drank policy, to ensure gas+food money for traveling sets, but guarantees are unlikely. Other shows, such as venues, will most likely be kept on a door percentage, with a few exceptions, mostly for returning sets. Please hit us up by email (2/2012) Current spots: The Royale, Dedicated Visual Art Studio & Vinos Brew Pub. Previous places we've booked that are now closed and trying to contact them for event booking will really only lead you back to us, Super Happy Fun Land - Little Rock, Arkansas Community Arts Co-Op, RadRadRad House, The StarLight House, Easy Street, The Treehouse and The BoatHouse. We also book under a censored name, Play Your Part, per the requirement of a few productions.

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