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I book shows in the Lexington area for bands that are trying to play in Kentucky but dont know where to play. I dont have my own venue but there are many diffrent palces that i book depending on the size of the band. I only do door deals if you want to play here we need your help to promote most of the time we get a good turn out but by no means will you walk out rich but the bigger the band the more we can charge and the more you will make. I like to do punk shows i have worked with Leftover Crack, Introspect,Mischeif Brew,World infreno,girlish figure,The Saint Cathrines,The ashers,just to name a few but i will work with other bands if i think your sound is something that works out in our area. If you are not looking to make alot of cash and are willing to play for free i can always find room for your band you might even sell some stuff. We get a lot of local support from bands and loacl stores so if you need good place to play give us a call and i will be gald to help weekend shows are best but we can work some things out.

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