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Friendly Square is a support system for friends who want to help each other in what they care about: Artists, musicians, writers, any and all things creative and fun need apply. Boston may be a small city with many varied scenes and styles, but that doesn’t mean they all can’t interrelate, get along, and inspire each other to bring our home the recognition it deserves as a place that is original, innovative, and supportive. Although we’re here to help destroy the notion that people from Massachusetts don’t work well with others, we wish not to do it at the cost of our most important quality; our integrity. Friendly Square is interested in connecting people of similar ilks, having/staging house shows & performances, being a tour stop off for friends from around the country/globe, and including YOU. Friendly Square isn’t just a location. It is a network of safe houses for shows, parties, rehearsals, and stop offs for touring bands and traveling friends. Create your own name and share it with us to promote! Become a part of the “Square.” Friendly Square is Partnership & Collaboration in defining success and encouraging artistic growth, fans, promoters, and people who love and are proud of their goddamn friends. We book at least a month or two in advance and usually only have one show every month or two. If we cannot book you, we will gladly send you info on other house venues, alternative spaces or straight up clubs in the area where you might be able to perform.

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