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Final Option Booking is a network of independent booking agents from all over New York state. We are a NATIONAL band booking organization dedicated to helping young and professional bands establish a name for themselves on the road. When no one else will help you book out of town shows, we will! We have been working with bands OF ALL GENRES since August of 2006. It doesn't matter where you're from (as long as it's in the US) and what you sound like. If you need help booking a tour or just a few shows here and there outside your area, don't hesitate to message us on myspace or email us at We have connections with promoters, venues and bands all over the United States. For references and further contact information, please inquire within. Our rates depend on our workload and we're more than willing to work around your budget. Most of us have been in bands ourselves, so we know how expensive things can get. We look forward to hearing from all of you up and coming musicians. Even if we are unable to help your band, we're always glad to point people in the direction of those who are able. We hope to hear from YOU soon! Be safe! - M. Carr

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