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Entertain Me (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-04 is Northeastern Ohio�s premier informational website for Live Entertainment! BANDS - If your band is playing anywhere in Cleveland or its suburbs, Akron, Canton, Dover, New Philadelphia, Youngstown or Erie, PA, please send the date, club name and address and your band's name to: - and it will be posted on the Calendar page where 20,000+ POTENTIAL FANS FOR YOUR BAND will see it! It's FREE for bands only! FANS - Use every weekend to find out where your favorite bands are playing in Northeastern Ohio! Check out our Clubs page, Concert page and Calendar page for an extensive list of clubs and concert venues that feature Bands and Live Music. We receive an average of over 20,000 hits per month, and we are about to pass the One Million Mark of rockers that have visited!! SO check out! Be in the know for whats going on in Northeastern Ohio! For more information email:

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