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Hi, please read a little about us! If you don't, and you ask dumb questions or try to set up a show that doesn't fit in, we probably WON'T RESPOND TO YOU. We know you're busy, so are we. Dry River is a collectively run, all volunteer space with an infoshop, freestore, computer lab and show space. Our focus is autonomy, education, mutual-aid and fun. We are anti-racist/sexist/capitalist. Check out or to SEE OUR CALENDAR for available dates and learn more about us. Our BOOKING PEOPLE ARE LISTED on the myspace. We currently have decided not book more than 3 months out, do the math. All shows at Dry River are by donation-usually $3-5. We try to get good drawing local bands and we work the door, that usually brings in a decent amount. We aim to be fair to bands on tour with the split. If you want a guarantee, or need to make a certain amount, you should probably play somewhere else. WE DON'T DO GUARANTEES! We are most interested in supporting DIY and socially relevent music and people. We aren't limited to this, but please realize that this is a special place and the only one like it in Tucson. There are plenty of places to play that are about money. If that's your goal, you're welcome to play at those places. We do not want misogynist, homophobic, or racist speech/bevavior at this space. We will not book you if it appears that you promote or support these things in any way. Sorry if I sound grumpy, please read the blog on our myspace page for more info. If you're not scared off, drop us a line and we'll try to get you set up in Tucson.


??? (Posted 2011-06-09 15:47:02)

I agree with drat. Shows there are small but fun and the money stays there until the end at which point get handed to the touring bands.

drat (Posted 2011-04-04 17:17:28)

i dont know about the comment posted before.. but no one from dry river ever makes any money from any shows, period. All money goes to touring bands, and our monthly rent fund. there have been literally thousands of bands that have played and performed at dry river over the last 5 years, and most of them love it there!

Louis (Posted 2008-05-02 19:42:02)

Have you seen my mom? She was with that other chick i think...

jon (Posted 2007-06-02 12:39:16)

the first time i played here it was cool...the show was fun and i was treated well. different people must be running it now, because i just played there and was treated mostly as an annoyance. the door money all went in the soundman's pocket, and he took off before the show ended (so i didn't get shit for gas money). on top of that, some drunk girl (i'm pretty sure she lived there) started drinking out of my water jug (which was sitting with my merch), then the dude who ran the place asks me if he can then keep it so that he can take it to his methadone clinic and refill it the next day (apparently, they have really good water there). wtf? it's a cool place and all, and i'm sure they're doing a lot of good, just don't bother with playing shows there. i got the impression that these might be folks who use "anarchism" as an excuse to be lazy and greedy.

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