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We book shows all over the country. We also manage bands. Here's the new way things are going to work For payment: 1 Week tour- $50 2 Week tour- $125 1 Month tour- $225 Anything more or less than that will be negotiated. I can no longer do any work without a contract. I have gotten screwed over way too many times so make sure that you give both Distractions and your band enough time to go through the contract negotiations and what not before booking. We typically book 3-4 months in advance but will try and help if you need some last minute help. I'm going to make this short but here are some of the nitty gritty details: We are not liable for guarantees, we will try to get you one but it usually doesn't happen if you're a band touring for the first time We are not a promotion company. We will send some flyers out here and there but you need to do majority of the promotion or else the show will flop. We try as hard as we can but focus on the booking aspect Last but not least, YOU NEED MONEY SAVED UP! I can't tell you how many bands have dropped off of tours because they don't realize how much money it eats up. With that being said, We would love to work with your band (as long as you don't suck)! Get a hold of us! Let's chat! ~Langen and the Di

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