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DIY Scumsquat, Creephouse, Rock Bottom (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-04-07

Awesome plot of land surrounded by scum punx and mountains. 3 different houses where a show can be played, possibly can hook you up with a bar..yeah we drink alot... We usually have floor space for bands maybe food, but deffinitly beer. Sunny slope's scum DIY ready to party and rock. Want bands for fridays and saturdays can maybe do weekdays. Room for your merch tables. Cater to a specific kind of group of people which include punk, rockabilly, bluegrass, grindcore and death metal..Open to different genres of music... bands that have played including ETTS, Dead Wrong, Fracture Point, Social Reason, Casa De Chihuahuas, Bomb Threat, Barbie and the hookers, Death squad, Slime and the booby tramps, Larry and his flask, Boom boom kid, Instant asshole etc... all combined alot more...

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