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Clearfield Recreation (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-28

hey! new listing for some shows ill be having to benefit the local skatepark. i was skating and noticed it was busted up pretty bad so i got myselfonto the recreation committee and am nowlookinf for some bands. its gonna be all ages but uncensored because thats how i roll. i do ask that you take into consideration the fact that i work very hard with the judge and the community to fix what we have and get what the kids here want. so i dont want a fiasco and i also dont want my son cussing out theneighbors so just think about it and show some respect. now that thats outtta the way feel free to hit me up. it is a benefit so im trying to keep pay for the bands kinda low (SORRY) but im sure ya understand... i want all types of music and please include: a number name mp3s or demo cd to: 967 park ave ext Apt 6-D clearfield PA kevin palmgren as well as any other tours dates you have bookedin case of changes and anything else ya think i should know. well...THANKS A TON!!! -Kevin

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