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Bordz Skate Park (promoter) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-02-01

Smaller indoor skate park / shop located about 35-40 minutes outside of philadelphia. Fit 500+ people. We book shows mainly on friday and saturday nights, but if you contact us a couple months in advance we can put shows on most week nights as well. Usually 4 bands a show 15-30 min set up time, 30-45 min to play but were very flexible. stage size 14X18. most shows start at 7:00 load in for the first band around 6:30. but you can show up as early as you want. locals & touring take a % of the door. touring acts we usually dont do to many guarentees but we try to kick as much money your way as possible and make sure the shows gte well promoted. We can also try to feed and hydrate you to our best abilities, contact in advance if you need a place to stay or are starving. we have a pa system. the shop also has band consignment for cds,lps, and t shirts . we always have open show slots and dates the genres we mainly book are rock and roll, garage, psychedlic, pop, noise, electronic, punk rock and jazz. Sometimes we put on metal, grind and hardcore shows. we welcome all that is ridiculous and crusty. phone contacts: zach-215-622-7441 craig-267-455-3000 when booking please have some form of audio for us to hear, internet, cd, lp, email or call for before you mail anything. po box 119. southampton pa 18966

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